About Us

Welcome to Choice Case! We're glad you're visiting us, and we hope to have you as a future customer! Founded and launched in mid-December, 2012, ChoiceCase.com's goal is to offer "quality cases at quality prices." We believe we've achieved that goal. Our approach to such products is slightly different than others, however.

We offer a number of high quality, stylish, and simple cases for various devices (although, at launch, we're only offering iPhone 5/iPhone 5s cases). Each item has been hand-picked and extensively tested to make sure that it is 100% compatible with their respective devices as well as for its fit & finish. Better yet, all of our products come branding-free. Who wants annoying logos on their accessories? We also leave out the packaging, as it's quite wasteful and, quite honestly, unnecessary. All items are hand-checked for any issues before being shipped off.

If you have any questions about our products, or have ideas on some products that we should carry, feel free to visit our Contact Us page.

Also, feel free to connect with us via Twitter to stay up-to-date with our latest offerings, giveaways, special Twitter-only discounts, and more. Into videos more than photos? Great! Our YouTube channel is what you'd like to take a look at, then.

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